The CAMCAT® colibri

The CAMCAT® colibri was developed to offer our customers a lightweight and compact wire camera system.

About the system

The CAMCAT® colibri finds its place in the CAMCAT® Family where the already proven systems are too large and the requirements are not that extreme (wind, weather, acceleration, or track length). In an intensive process with our clients, we defined the parameters for the CAMCAT® colibriI. In the end, our developers were able to optimize the system concerning safety, quality, and efficiency.

The result is a small cable camera (min 50 cm track width) that needs just very little tension force because of the low weight.

In combination with the Flight Head-MINI, (compact, fully stabilizing camera head) which was optimized by the manufacturer, the CAMCAT® colibri is not only the perfect tool for live-broadcast. In combination with a modern digital „movie camera“ (such as ARRI Alexa), you can also use the CAMCAT® colibri for feature film and commercials as an economical alternative to the proven CAMCAT® Systems.


outline speed clock icon
Max. Speed

54 km/h

15 m/s

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Max. Acceleration

3 m/s²

 0 to 50km/h in 4,6 sec

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350 m

1148 ft

CAMCAT® System in Le Mans