The CAMCAT® High Tension

This system was developed to meet the needs of customers who wanted to realize longer track distances. The basis of this system is again the CAMCAT® Standard and it forms a subtype within this group.

About the system

The CAMCAT® High Tension is an advanced, fully remote controlled cable camera system designed to run between two fix points from 1000m – 2500m apart at speeds up to 70km/h. Just on one of these two point infrastructures like power and data lines are needed. The other one functions just like a deflection point for the ropes.

Our CAMCAT® High Tension System can accept a wide range of payloads. You can use multiple open platform stabilized mounts fitted with different cameras or it’s also possible to use stabilized mounts with integrated camera and lens.

Examples of stabilised mounts with integrated camera and lens: GSS, Cinelfex...

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Max. Speed

19,5 m/s

70 km/h

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Max. Acceleration

3,25 m/s²

6 sec. or 57 m till reached top speed

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1000 m - 2500 m

3280 ft – 8202 ft

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Dimension Base Station

l/h/w: 5 – 7m/ 10 - 15m/ 2,6 m

weight: 1600 kg ( 3527 lbs )