The CAMCAT® Highspeed

The CAMCAT® Highspeed is an even faster variant of the CAMCAT® Standard.

About the system

The CAMCAT® Highspeed, a variant of the CAMCAT® Standard, is an advanced, fully remote-controlled cable camera system designed to run between two fixed points up to 1000m apart at speeds of up to 130 km/h.

The CAMCAT® Highspeed camera buggy can accept a range of payloads. You can use open platform stabilized mounts fitted with different cameras up to 35mm as well as stabilized mounts with integrated camera and lens.

Examples of open platform stabilized mounts: Libra Head, Stab-C, Mini-C, Flight Head


Examples of stabilized mounts with integrated camera and lens: GSS, Apex etc.

outline speed clock icon
Max. Speed

130 km/h

36 m/s

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Max. Acceleration

5,5 m/s²

6,6 sec. 111m till top speed

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1000 m

3280 ft

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Dimension Base Station

l/h/w:  5m/4,5 m/2,6 m

weight: 1600 kg ( 3500 lbs )