The CAMCAT® linear

The CAMCAT® linear was developed based on a request for a cable camera which should be able to travel quickly 300m and accurately 2m above the ground without sagging.

About the system

The CAMCAT® linear is based on a combination of CAMCAT® colibri and CAMCAT® 2D. Like the Colibri, it’s a small, lightweight system that runs with a track width of 50cm -70cm (distance between the two carrying ropes)

The CAMCAT® linear on the other hand, can use its lower weight and its stability with the carrying ropes to act quickly and precisely.

The system is an ideal replacement for rail systems. Wherever the subsoil/ground is too difficult or too unstable for a solid rail construction this system can demonstrate its strengths. There are also cost advantages, especially over longer distances, since the rails and ropes are cheaper in comparison.

outline speed clock icon
Max. Speed

70 km/h

19,5 m/s

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Max. Acceleration

3,25 m/s²

5,6 sec. or 54 m till reached top speed

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500 m

1640 ft

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Dimension Base Station

l/h/w: 2m/1m /1,5 m

weight: 250 kg ( 551 lbs )